When Link first speaks to Hestu, he explains that a band of Bokoblins stole his Maracas from him, and pleads for Link to help him retrieve them.

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After this, Hestu will be in the main shelter in Lookout Landing, Central Hyrule for a while.

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom (2023) was.

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He should spawn there after finishing Main Quest: Tulin of Rito Village & Yunobo of Goron City.

Hestu will be hanging out in the southeast corner of the town square next to the General Store and Armour Shop. There are a few difficult enemies to face. .

From the Sinakawak Shrine (northwest of the Central Hyrule), follow the path towards Lindor’s Brow. .

Hestu Location #1.


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First Hestu Location One place I’ve consistently found him is in Lookout Landing. .

He is the adorable Korok who can expand Link's inventory using Korok seeds.
While Hestu's powers are beneficial to any.

Check out our interactive map of Hyrule in Tears of the Kingdom to find them all.

Head over to the Enchanted shop in Kakariko Village.

. Hestu appears in three places on the Hyrule map, so we'll share each one in order below! For us, it was Location Two where we first spotted him. advertisement.

. Near the Riverside Stable, west of the Kakariko Village. To trigger the Hestu's Concerns Side Quest, you must first find Hestu. He is the adorable Korok who can expand Link's inventory using Korok seeds. .

Hestu can be found to the northwest of Lookout Landing.

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He’ll stay here until.

The final location (at least, we recommend you make this the final place to meet Hestu) is the Korok Forest.

There are no Shrines in the Depths but there are.