(Spain) I like to drink orange juice every day.

(M) Orange juice is a good source of vitamin C.

] de azúcar del 30 por ciento. Panqueques de arándanos y jugo de naranja.

zumo de naranja.


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Popular Spanish categories to find more words and phrases: A new category where you can find the top search words and phrases translated into English and Spanish. Café gourmet cerveza fresca, té, zumo de naranja, cereales. "Jugo de manzana", similarly, is apple juice.

Popular Spanish categories to find more words and. ] cranberry, strawberry).

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Vosotros siempre pedís zumo de naranja. .

If making a truly traditional Spanish. (M) (Spain) I make orange juice with oranges from my garden.

A s an exam ple, a citrus f ruit juice manu facturer prod uces orange juice whic h normally has a sugar content of 30 per cent.
org 2 ta zas d e ju go fresco de na ranja ( ex traído de una s 8 naranjas) má s 1 cda.
el jugo de naranja.

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<span class=" fc-falcon">Translation of "an orange juice" in Spanish.

The doctor says you can't drink either milk or orange juice. The notice is still in force, although of course references to the orange juice case, which honourable Members will recall, no longer apply. Juice another one of the oranges and set aside the juice.

com. a glass of orange juice. . 1. Transcript.


El fulano sirve el jugo de naranja a Santiago. .

Spanish Translation.

Orange juice (pronunciation) - grammar.

Korean 오렌지주스.


Japanese オレン.